• Does Finish First Fantasy Advisors serve all league, scoring and draft formats?

Yes. We have advisors with extensive experience and proven success in virtually all fantasy football formats: Standard, PPR, Dynasty, Keeper, Auctions, IDP and others. When you sign up for a membership or consultation, you are prompted to provide your league details; this is how we match you with the most appropriate advisor and ensure the greatest chance of success.

  • How can I use an advisor if I am doing a live, in-person draft?

There are several options for using an advisor for a live, in-person draft; it basically comes down to what you, the client, feel most comfortable with. The most popular option is using an online method of communication (e.g. Skype) with the screen-share function enabled and the audio on mute. This allows your advisor to see your screen while he/she can message you his/her tips. If your league is using a draft board with stickers, most people still have a computer with them for notes, so again, you can use the scree-share functionality while you use a fantasy draft cheatsheet and cross off the players at they are picked, or simply type the names of players picked in a Word document. If you don't feel comfortable with these options, we suggest using the 2-hour draft strategy session (included in the season-long package) to put together a complete draft strategy with your advisor, so that you feel confident going into the draft solo. This way you'll know what players to target and what your fallback picks are. We also encourage any other creative methods that you can discuss with your advisor for live, in-person drafts. There are many options!

  • Is my season-long membership valid for more than one team/league?

No. But you can inquire about multi-team memberships. When you purchase a membership, you are signing up to be matched with an advisor for one league. Running two or more teams with one advisor may decrease your chances of success, as an advisor may not be proficient in all of your league formats. If you are interested in securing an advisor for multiple leagues, we will look into each request on a case-by-case basis. If we are able to provide an advisor with enough experience in all of your league formats, we will offer a discounted rate for multiple leagues. That rates depends on how many leagues you would like an advisor for. Please send requests for multi-league advisors to: [email protected]

  • If I buy Playoff Guarantee Insurance, do I really get my money back if I don't make the playoffs?

Yes. If you purchase a season-long membership with Playoff Guarantee Insurance and do not reach the playoffs in your league, you receive a full refund of your membership fee (the insurance fee of $30, however, is non-refundable). There are exceptions (see Terms & Conditions); for example, if you abandon your league or cease contact with your advisor, you may be at risk of your refund. However, we are very reasonable people and our passion is helping you win your fantasy league and making your happy. If you're not happy, simply let us know and we will give you a refund.

  • Where do the advisors come from?

This is a "crowdsourced" platform. This means that anyone from the fantasy community can apply to be an advisor. We receive profiles from extremely talented fantasy stars and then hand-select the very best to match with our clients. This also allows us to have an army of advisors ready to serve virtually every format of fantasy football imaginable. 

  • Can I switch advisors after the season starts?

Yes...but it's not ideal. If you're not happy with your advisor, you may request to be re-assigned another advisor. However, this is dependant on the availability of an advisor that is experienced in your league format. It may be sometimes frustrating at low points in the season, but trust us, this is a normal part of any successful fantasy season. You can trust that our advisors will be fighting the entire season to ensure your success. At the end of the day, this is fantasy football; there are risks and uncertainty. But your advisor is experienced in handling this and will get you through it (or you get a refund!). We suggest staying the course!

  • Do you offer alternatives to the season-long membership? / What if I just want help with my draft?

Yes. If you simply need advice on a certain situation, only need a few consultations during the season or only want drafting help, you can go to our Schedule A Consultation page and book a consultation directly on our sight. The rates for individual consultations are listed on the "Schedule A Consultation" page.