Eric Ebron in 2019

Ebron will finish higher than Doyle in 2019. I know that may seem like an obvious statement, but I have seen the argument that Doyle will finish better at the position. I think Doyle is talented, but I do not think he has the scoring ability that Ebron does. The addition of Funchess is what scares me off of him a bit. With 3 big targets in the redzone for Luck, Ebron will have a much tougher time scoring double digit Touchdowns in 2019. His targets will come down and this will make him less safe than he was in 2018. You made need to pick and chose when to start him over just plugging him to you line up every week. With that said, I still think Ebron’s talent will shine through and a top 10 finish is a strong possibility. 

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