9 Bold Predictions for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season

Who doesn’t love a bold predictions list? While most don’t pan out it is still fun to look at what analysts think is possible and who they have strong convictions over. I want to do this list to have a little fun and take some shots at what I think is possible by seasons end. I want to stress this point however. I AM NOT factoring in these bold predictions into my rankings or outlooks. While I do see these things as possibilities and think that they very well could come to fruition, I am not going to advise everyone to take them at face value. For instance if I say a WR could finish top 10 that doesn’t mean that I will have them ranked there. It will be close I am in the market of helping fantasy owners not hurting them with a prediction that could end up being off base. With that said lets have some fun and make some bold predictions!

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