Finish First Fantasy Advisors

Finish First Fantasy Advisors Has a Simple Mission:

Help You Win at Fantasy Sports!


We currently offer fantasy sports consulting services for :

  • NFL
  • MLB


INFORMATION OVERLOAD! There are now more analysts, rankings, articles and advice than anyone can keep track of. But who posts the most accurate rankings? Which sites offer the best articles? Who has the crystal ball? And most importantly, how do you know who to trust? 

When you boil it down to what you're really looking for: YOU WANT TO WIN! But let's face it; no matter how many rankings you read, how many sites you subscribe to or podcasts you listen to, ALL of what your consuming is in a vacuum. Successful fantasy players know that the key to winning lies in the dynamics of your respective league or the type of daily fantasy contests in which you participate. You need in-depth analysis of your league; your league-mates' rosters, their personalities and their fantasy prowess. Winning requires tenacity and well thought out strategy. 

Our freelance advisors come straight from the fantasy community, have proven winning track records and are here to serve you: to help you win your league, to cash in on daily fantasy, to give you one-off advice on any circumstantial fantasy event, or to simply teach you an easier way to put the odds in your favor. 

What makes us different is that we invite ANYONE from the fantasy community to join our team, and we put our money where our mouth is. If you become a Finish First member and you don't end up in the playoffs of your season-long league or with net positive winnings in daily fantasy, we'll refund you your FULL membership fee.